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The Higher Road

Over the next 15 years, more hard infrastructure is projected to be built around the world than currently exists. As our infrastructure is transformed, so will be the economies it fuels, the regions it connects, and the global commons it underpins. These trends are too powerful and potentially beneficial for the United States to stop, and too consequential to ignore.

2018 KITA-CSIS Reconnecting Asia Conference

On September 18, 2018, the Reconnecting Asia Project and the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) hosted “Looking North: Korea in a Reconnecting Asia,” a half-day conference that explored Korea’s ambitious plans for connectivity.

Asia’s Infrastructure Contest

This week in Washington is for global economy wonks what fashion week in Paris is for the best dressed. With roundtables instead of runways, the World Bank’s annual spring meetings and the events around them shape and reflect trends, some longer standing than others. As in years past, there will be calls for equitable growth, inclusive growth, sustainable growth, and responsible growth. Simple growth, simply put, is not in style.

Iran’s Railway Ambitions

Within the last few years, Iran has demonstrated its strong political will to re-emerge as a regional transportation hub. The country’s effort to improve its physical connectivity and become a centerpiece for regional supply chains has been spearheaded by an ambitious national railway development plan. This article evaluates existing and planned railway routes with a focus on Iran-Europe transport corridors and revisits Iran´s recent accomplishments in rail connectivity.

The Return of Marco Polo’s World

As Europe disappears, Asia coheres. The supercontinent is becoming one fluid, comprehensible unit of trade and conflict, as the Westphalian system of states weakens and older, imperial legacies – Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Turkish – become paramount.