While the Belt and Road Initiative has the potential to fund valuable new transit infrastructure, it also risks stirring domestic political competition, fueling networks of graft and rent-seeking, and not fulfilling its transformative potential.

Dr. Alexander Cooley

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Five myths about China’s Belt and Road Initiative

| By Jonathan E. Hillman

Critics of China's Belt and Road Initiative caution that the project stokes corruption, harms the environment, creates financial dependencies and extends Chinese military power. Writing for The Washington Post, Jonathan Hillman tackles five myths that have been fueled by the ambiguity of China's ambitious Belt and Road Initiative.

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War and PEACE on China's Digital Silk Road

| By Jonathan E. Hillman

Even as Huawei faces resistance in Western airwaves, it is racing ahead under the world’s seas in a commercial contest that could eventually provide China with strategic advantages.

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The Higher Road

| By Matthew P. Goodman and Daniel F. Runde

Over the next 15 years, more hard infrastructure is projected to be built around the world than currently exists. As our infrastructure is transformed, so will be the economies it fuels, the regions it connects, and the global commons it underpins. These trends are too powerful and potentially beneficial for the United States to stop, and too consequential to ignore.

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U.S. Senators Press for Huawei Criticism

Two U.S. lawmakers on the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday urged the Trump administration to step-up its criticism of Huawei's products, expressing "deep concern" that the administration may ...

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Assessing the Risks of Chinese Investments in Sub-Saharan African Ports

| By Judd Devermont, Catherine Chiang, and Amelia Cheatham

Chinese investments in sub-Saharan African ports present potential threats to U.S. influence in sub-Saharan Africa as well as African sovereignty. The CSIS Africa program report indicates where Beijing is ...

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China's Evolving Energy Ambitions

| By Energy 360°

Jonathan Hillman joins Jane Nakano and Nikos Tsafos for the CSIS Energy and National Security Program's Energy 360° Podcast to look at the importance of energy projects in the ...

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