Before we decide whether the Belt and Road initiative is ineffective, not viable, or silly, I think we need to listen to what the Chinese say about it because this gives us an idea of what they want and how they see themselves and the role they play in the region.

Nadège Rolland

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Constructing a New Global Order

On December 18, the CSIS Simon Chair and the Stanford Global Projects Center hosted a conversation and presentation series comparing Chinese and western approaches to infrastructure investment.

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Will China's Belt and Road Stretch Further?

| By Jonathan E. Hillman

Rather than trying to sign up even more states in 2018, China should focus on delivering results, especially high-quality infrastructure, for current participants in its Belt and Road initiative.

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Europe Should Support China-CEE Cooperation

| By Dr. Chen Xin

Chinese infrastructure investment in CEE countries has served as a catalyst for regional development and deeper integration within Europe.

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In The News

China Invites Latin America to join BRI

China invited Latin American and Caribbean countries to take part in its Belt and Road (BRI) initiative at the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) on Monday. In ...

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The Indo-Japanese Pivot to Africa

| By Sarah Watson

India and Japan's joint vision for an Asia-Africa Growth Corridor (AAGC) could provide a strategic platform to compete with China, however, the plan currently lacks detail and will need ...

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Tales from The New Silk Road

| By Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Kazakhstan is a major partner in China’s multibillion-dollar “New Silk Road” project, but this new documentary by Radio Free Europe shows that their mutual cooperation does not come without ...

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