It is clear that China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) carries important implications not only for the world’s water resources, but also for politics in BRI countries. One of the worst outcomes would be for it to exacerbate the growing number of local conflicts over shared, and often shrinking, water resources.

Scott Moore

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Watching Huawei's Safe Cities

| By Jonathan E. Hillman and Maesea McCalpin

Huawei’s “Safe City” products, including facial recognition and surveillance technology, have fueled concerns that China is exporting authoritarianism. A new dataset analyzes Huawei’s growing global footprint, questions the benefits its technology provides, and identifies issues for further research.

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Cooperation Amid Asia's Infrastructure Competition

| By Peter Raymond

Questions of economic development, military power projection, political influence, and global economic suzerainty form the backdrop of an emerging global competition in Asia—the most economically dynamic region of the world—with infrastructure development at its center. Amid the rise of competing infrastructure development initiatives, Peter Raymond identifies areas for cooperation between China and the West.

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Kazakhstan's Road to Growth

| By Yerken Turganbayeva and Dr. Alexander C. Diener

Historically, Kazakhstan's economic potential has been constrained by geographic extremes and uneven development. To address these challenges, the government has emphasized investment in transportation networks and urban economic centers, achieving steady growth and reducing inequality as a result, yet some risks remain.

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Philippines Shelves Chinese Projects

Philippines' President Duterte has shelved a number of megaprojects, including two Chinese-financed deals, under his "Build, Build, Build" program due to feasibility concerns. Instead, the government hopes to pursue public-private-partnerships ...

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China's Promise of a Green Belt and Road

| By Lachlan Carey and Sarah Ladislaw

As China comes under increased scrutiny over its global energy investments, Chinese authorities have announced a series of multilateral initiatives to “green” its Belt and Road initiative (BRI). While just ...

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China Doubles Down on Its Digital Silk Road

| By Andrew Kitson and Kenny Liew

While the core focus of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is on traditional infrastructure deployments, it is evident that the Digital Silk Road is a key part of ...

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