Reconnecting Asia

Mapping continental ambitions


The OBOR initiative is comprehensive, focused and personal to President Xi. As with his rapid consolidation of political power, the striking feature of Xi’s efforts in this area is the speed with which he is moving to put his own stamp on China’s foreign affairs.

Christopher K. Johnson

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Special Report: Asian Infrastructure and Trade

By The Financial Times

Asia’s infrastructure push could create new alliances, reports FT emerging markets editor James Kynge, drawing upon Reconnecting Asia’s “Competing Visions” map series.

Arctic Maritime Connections

By Dr. Lawson W. Brigham

Profound changes are happening in the Arctic Ocean, especially the increases in marine access from sea ice retreat, but these changes do not foretell a retooling of global maritime trade routes as many speculate.

China’s Strategic Gateway to the Indian Ocean

By Lieutenant General PK Singh (Retired)

Ultimately, CPEC may have a great effect in Pakistan and on Pakistan-China relations, but it does not address issues of connectivity in South Asia.

Iran's Railway Revolution

By Jon B. Alterman & Jonathan E. Hillman

Better infrastructure will not make Iran's economic success inevitable, but it certainly will shape the strategic landscape in which Iran makes its future decisions.


In The News

Japan Revamps Infrastructure Export Strategy

Japan is working on a revised strategy to promote infrastructure exports after losing out on several bids for high-profile projects to Chinese and Korean competitors.

Kick-Start Private Infrastructure with Future Tax-Sharing Bonds

By Naoyuki Yoshino and Grant B. Stillman

Financial engineering is driven by new approaches to old problems, as the surprising success of green bonds and social or development impact bonds has shown us. Hopefully, the time of ...

China's Belt & Road Grows at Forum

Quotes and Quotas is a weekly digest of phrases and facts that help explain Asia’s infrastructure push.

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