Asia’s powers have embarked on an epochal infrastructure competition that is connecting the region internally and with the world. It is essential that we remain vigilant to ensure health infrastructure investment keeps pace with new connectivity.

J. Stephen Morrison

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Belt & Road Bolsters China’s Technological Clout

| By Kenny Liew

As demand for bandwidth grows along China’s Belt and Road initiative, Chinese involvement in technology, media, and telecommunications projects will continue to rise. Along with commercial opportunities, these projects carry geopolitical and strategic implications, paving the way for China’s technological dominance and furthering its ability to set global standards under the banner of its Belt and Road initiative.

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Experts React

| By Jonathan E. Hillman, Jane Nakano, & Taiya Smith

Five years after the announcement of China's Belt and Road, the ambitious drive to build new infrastructure across Eurasia has produced a mixed track record on key issues such as its energy footprint, debt sustainability, and environmental impact.

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Reconnecting Asia Launches 11,000 Power Projects

As Asia continues to modernize and develop transportation infrastructure, its demand for electricity will continue to grow. Reconnecting Asia’s new dataset of over 11,000 power plants can help shed additional light on the region’s changing energy landscape.

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In The News

Japan To Expand Cheap Infrastructure Loans

Japan drafted a plan to offer greater assistance for infrastructure development overseas ahead of a key summit with China next week, as it prepares to pursue joint projects with Beijing ...

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Traveling 60,000 KM Across China’s Belt and Road

| By Jacob Mardell

There has been plenty of ink spilled on the subject of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) over the past few years. The BRI is a foreign policy concept ...

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China's Belt and Road at Five

Five years ago, Chinese president Xi Jinping announced the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a trillion-dollar plan that aims to connect more than 70 countries via an overland “belt” and ...

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