Modi’s Infrastructure Spending Spree

Quotes and Quotas is a weekly digest of phrases and facts that help explain Asia’s infrastructure push.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated a massive program to upgrade the country’s roads, railways, and other infrastructure.

3rd: India’s ranking among Asian economies in terms of GDP

12: The percentage by which India increased its budget for infrastructure spending in 2017

42: The number of kilometers of road India plans to build per day

1.3 million: The number of people directly employed by India’s railways

23 million: The number of people that travel on India’s railways each day

$59 billion: The amount allocated in India’s 2017-18 budget to build and modernize its railways, airports, and roads

$376.5 billion: The amount India plans to spend on infrastructure investment over the next three years

$454.8 billion: India’s projected infrastructure investment needs over the next four to five years

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