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China in Southeast Europe

China’s Expanding Presence in Southeast Europe

Since its launch in 2013, governments across Europe have made their interest in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) clear. At present, 17 EU member states are members of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). The 16+1 framework — established by China in Central, Eastern, and Southeast Europe — includes eleven EU-member states and five countries from the Western Balkans. Greece has officially applied to join as the seventeenth member of the framework.

A Chinese World Order

China’s latest “16+1” summit in Sofia Bulgaria perfectly captures its deceptive brand of multilateralism. Bringing together many countries, it gives the outward appearance of inclusivity and consensus-building, but beneath the surface, it is fundamentally different from the multilateral practices and institutions it claims to uphold. China has yet to offer deep multilateralism at scale.

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Inside the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

On April 25, the Simon Chair’s Reconnecting Asia Project hosted a conversation with Natalie Lichtenstein, Chief Counsel for the 57-country negotiations that led to the AIIB’s founding and the principal drafter of the Bank’s charter, to discuss her new book: A Comparative Guide to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Asia’s Infrastructure Contest

Asia’s Infrastructure Contest

This week in Washington is for global economy wonks what fashion week in Paris is for the best dressed. With roundtables instead of runways, the World Bank’s annual spring meetings and the events around them shape and reflect trends, some longer standing than others. As in years past, there will be calls for equitable growth, inclusive growth, sustainable growth, and responsible growth. Simple growth, simply put, is not in style.