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Where Does China’s Belt and Road Go?

Where Does China’s Belt and Road Go?

According to a report issued by Xinhua, the Chinese state news agency, in August, Xi Jinping in addition to his role as Party Secretary, President, Chair of the Central Military Commission, and of about half of the all-important Small Leading Groups which co-ordinate policy, is also China’s “Story Teller in Chief.”

Japan’s Leadership Role in a Multipolar Indo-Pacific

ASEAN at Fifty

Quotes and Quotas is a weekly digest of phrases and facts that help explain Asia’s infrastructure push.

Construction vehicles operate in a valley site; ADBI

ADBI Recommended Reading

The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) works to identify effective development strategies and improve the capacity for sound development in ADB member countries. Here is a selection of their work related to four areas the Reconnecting Asia Project covers: climate change and sustainability, energy, regional integration, and infrastructure finance. This page will be updated as new research becomes available.

3-D printing

3-D Printing’s Tipping Point

3-D printing has been around for decades but is now poised to disrupt the future of manufacturing. Also known as “additive manufacturing,” 3-D printing refers to the process of creating an object from data sources by layering materials according to programmed commands. With two of the world’s largest industrial giants, GE and Siemens, now incorporating additive manufacturing into their mass production operations, we could be approaching a technological tipping point.