China’s Global Aid Footprint

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This week AidData, a research lab at William and Mary, released new, open-source data on China’s official financial flows.

$4.5: The approximate amount the U.S. spends on official development assistance (ODA) for every one dollar of Chinese ODA

37.8: The percentage of Chinese official finance committed to energy generation and supply, more than any other sector

61: The percentage of official Chinese finance that was commercially oriented compared to official development assistance and other unclassified flows

2009: The year with the highest amount of Chinese official financial flows on record, at $69.6 billion

$6.7 billion: The total amount of official development assistance China has given to Cuba, its highest aid recipient, between 2000 and 2014

$36.6 billion: The highest amount of commercially-orientated financial flows China has awarded to a single country, received by Russia, from 2000 to 2014

$354.3 billion: The total amount of China’s official financial flows between 2000 and 2014

Source: AidData

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