Emerging and developing markets are competing to attract outside investment and playing an even greater role in the global economy.

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Revitalizing the Trilateral Partnership

Small and medium economies of the Indo-Pacific are looking to build critical infrastructure now to meet their economic demands. The U.S., Australia, and Japan can capitalize on this unique moment in the Indo-Pacific’s development, but they need to prioritize addressing the remaining barriers to public-private infrastructure partnerships.

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Powering the Korean Peninsula

Negotiations between North and South Korea have revived prospects for reconnecting the Korean peninsula. A critical aspect of connectivity is energy infrastructure, which will require analysis and technical planning to make the most of any future political openings. This series of case studies underscores the poor state of North Korea’s existing energy infrastructure, illustrates different models for delivering projects, and considers the strategic implications of different paths forward for the peninsula’s energy connections.

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Global Challenges 2021: Connectivity

Accompanying our MERICS China Forecast 2021 event, MERICS experts wages a look at three global challenges in 2021, namely decoupling and the evolution of multilateralism, cooperation and competition in the climate crisis, and the development of connectivity in a world plagued by a pandemic. For every section we are proud to introduce a very accomplished and knowledgeable guest.