How to search the map

For more information about data collection and definitions, see our methodology.

Project Filters

  • Project Title: Searches project titles, which do not include all attributes of a given project. For example, there may be projects in the city of Karachi without “Karachi” in their title.
  • Infrastructure Type: Limits search to a specific infrastructure type (ex. “rail”).
  • Status: Limits search to projects in a specific stage of implementation (ex. “announced or under negotiation”).
  • Region: Limits search to projects within a certain geographic area (ex. “Gulf and Mediterranean”).
  • Country: Limits search to projects within a designated country (ex. “China”).
  • Filter by Year: Limits search to projects that fall within a specific timeframe, as defined by selecting either completion year, commencement year, or start year (ex. “commencement year,” between “2013” & “2014” will return projects that started construction between 2013 and 2014).

Initiative Filters

  • Initiative Title: Limits search to projects associated with the selected initiative (ex. “One Belt, One Road”).
  • Principal Agent: Limits search to initiatives associated with a particular entity (ex. “Government of India”).

Funder Filters

  • Funder Name: Limits search to projects funded by a specific organization (ex. “World Bank”).
  • Cost: Limits search to projects with reported costs that fall within a specific range (ex. “800 million USD and above”).
  • Country: Limits search to projects funded by state institutions (ex. “Japan” returns projects funded by Japanese institutions such as the Government of Japan, the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, etc.).